Friendship Reunion


Prathika Rana

Once upon a time in a town there lived two friends. Trisha and Violet. They were
best friends since childhood they used to share everything they had with each
other . One day Trisha’s dad got a new job offered by the city and they left the
town. sadly, the last touch and violet felt alone. When Violet turned 20 years old
Violet and her mother moved to the city. surprisingly, Violet also went to the same
university which Trisha attends as well.

One day at the library, Trisha and Violet accidentally reached for the same book.
They laughed when they realized who they were. They were excited about the
reunion and they went to the park. Doc and memories from the past flooded
back. they felt the magic of friendship in their life back.

Days were passing by. Trisha was rich as Violet was from a middle-class family.
Trisha’s birthday was coming nearer, and her other friends were gifting, her
expenses gift her to parties, but Violet was wishing her all with flowers and
photos of their childhood together. Tricia rich friends made fun of this and
started laughing. Violet felt sad, and sat on the corner looking at her friend,
Trisha, enjoying herself with her other friends, suddenly Violet saw, Jasmine mix
something in Trisha‘s drink and ran towards Trisha when she was just going to
drink it, and told her about the incident. Jasmine apologized and she confessed that
she had mixed something in Trisha‘s drink as she had done this because she
wanted to be the most famous girl in college. Trisha slapped Jasmine and realized
her true friend was Violet who thought about her even when she ignored her with
her rich friends, she realized “money doesn’t buy friendship” and “money doesn’t matter
in pure love”.

Prathika Rana is a Class 6 student at Imperial world school hattigauda.

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