PM Oli’s Move Will Not Be Favorable To Nepali People: Karan Singh

PM Oli’s Move Will Not Be Favorable To Nepali People: Karan Singh

June 16, 2020, 7:55 a.m.


Former Minister and senior political leader Karan Singh, who has family ties with Nepal, said that the decision taken by Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli on amendment of the constitution will not be favorable for the people of Nepal.
Issuing statement, former King of Jammu and Kashmir, Singh also expressed his deep regret and dismay over Prime Minister Oli’s confrontational posture. He also said that India has also not taken the matter seriously.
“As one who has been closely associated both personally and politically with Nepal over several decades, I must express my sense of deep regret and dismay that prime minister Oli has moved the country into what can only be described as an irreversible confrontational posture vis-à-vis India despite the profound social, cultural, religious, economic and political relations between the our two countries that go back many centuries. Whatever impact this move may or may not have on India, I fear that the consequences for Nepal will not be favorable for the people of that beautiful country,” said Singh said in his statement.
“That said, I must add that we should never have allowed that situation to deteriorate like this. though the dispute in question is a long standing one it was, if I recall correctly, raised by November last year. Surprisingly, we did not seem to take the matter seriously. We should have immediately initiated foreign secretary level talk and then, if necessary raised them to the level of foreign minister or even in the Prime Minister. Prima facie, this appears to have been a serious diplomatic lapse, the consequences which are before us.”
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